Welcome to the homepage of 'de Block Consultant'

Are you considering:

  • A renovation or (re)construction of the OR and/or CSSD?
  • A logistical reorganisation of supplies and personnel?
  • A risk analysis and (classification) measurements within your OR and/or CSSD?
  • Attracting an independent, external expert to work with you on further designing and executing your plans?

A professional and practical consultant is ready for the job.


'De Block Consultant' is working as a consultant for hospitals and clinics, as well as for architects and technical consulting engineers.

'De Block Consultant' fulfills an initiating and mediating role as a project manager and intermediary. Hence, he delivers a valuable contribution to the set-up and implementation of the design and lay-out of the OR and CSSD.

Alexander de Block is trained in the practice of the OR, as a technical assistant, RN and OR-Manager.
Practical know-how, combined with the technical expertise gained in more than 40 OR and CSSD projects since the year 2000, guarantees a unique and strong combination in translating demands and possibilities into innovative and integral concepts.